$19.97 USD

Telling the Whole Story: A Workshop for Best Practices on Using Data

Data can be biased and problematic, but this workshop will help you address that. Even though it has become a barrier in some states for a good quality of life, it doesn't have to be this way. You can still do better by students and their communities. There are ways to celebrate, honor, and encourage, through the use of data! 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • information on how and why data is a problem as it is used today
  • an understanding of what data is and can be 
  • an analysis of what holistic data is
  • tools for collecting better data that humanizes your practice
  • a packet of ready-to-use materials for best practices with data

The two facilitators are nationally recognized educators in the field and have given close to 2 hours of their time to share about how data can be better. 

Dr. Towanda Harris is a veteran educator and author. She's worked with teachers and soon-to-be-teachers for years. Learn more about here HERE

Lorena is Academic Director at Multicultural Classroom, author, and educator for many years as well. Learn more about her HERE

Good practices are a choice. Get access to this workshop and don't waste any more time.