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Implementing an antiracist approach can be a struggle.

We might know what that term means, but Lorena has found that not many of us know what that looks like in practice. So, she created a workbook for all of us, where you’ll find hands-on strategies couched in love and justice.

Lorena walks us through theoretical and research-based frameworks to develop antiracist reading instruction practices.


This workbook was designed with your brain process in mind. We know brains need structure to process information. We used a See-Think-Act framework to organize how the sections of the workbook come together.


How can I see what’s going on around me and how it impacts my work?


What strategies implement an antiracist stance?

What does it mean to be a reading teacher or teach young people how to analyze and comprehend in an antiracist way?


What steps do I need to take right now and in the long term to be an antiracist teacher?

Did you know?

There is a course that accompanies this book. The reviews are in, and course participants feel empowered! The Antiracist Teacher Course is based on the workbook and will help you go deeper into concepts mentioned in the book. It follows the same structure and will help you gain confidence as an antiracist practitioner. 

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Education is implicated in the troubling scenes we are seeing in our country right now. Because education is one of the institutions that has played a role in the racism that built our nation, we have to address it by looking at what and how we teach. The good news is that there is great and achievable work that we can do to begin restoration.

Is This Book For You?

  • It's for educators who want to be antiracist in practice, not just theory or talk
  • Do you want your students to feel welcomed and loved? 
  • It's for you if you are tired of books that don’t connect antiracist ideas to classroom practice
  • If you know racism exists and want to take your understanding to the next level, it's for you
  • It's for educators who want to be transformed

“In a racist society, it’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

- Angela Y. Davis



  • Traits of White Supremacy Culture in Reading Instruction with reflection questions and suggested classroom activities
  • Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy Reflection Exercise featuring direct quotes and prompts
  • “Suspending Damage” Reflection Exercise discussing how to frame your work through a joyful lens 
  • Playing in the Dark Reflection Exercise including quotes from Morrison's work 
  • Citizen Reflection Exercise featuring visual art with corresponding prompts
  • How to Be An Antiracist Reflection Exercise that will push you think about racist ideas
  • Antiracist Reading Instruction Strategies & Tips ready for application!

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This book will really have you rethinking how we teach literacy and all the programs that are used to train teachers or not. It has me questioning a lot even more so as a veteran reading specialist and as a teacher who is BIPOC.”

- Cynthia Brewer

BUY THIS BOOK! It has been fundamental in establishing a more equitable ELAR class."

- Chanea Bond, TX

“This was a great workbook for disrupting racism in reading instruction. I liked that it was short and to the point- that made it very accessible. German included excerpts to read and reflect on by many prominent thinkers and the self reflection questions really helped me dig deeper and question my own practices. The last few pages were specific, actionable steps that can be implemented. I highly recommend this guide.”

Katie Costanzo LaFever

“Every teacher of all subjects needs to read this workbook and practice its contents. Wow!”

LaQuisha Hall, MD 

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Dr. Christy H.

North Carolina

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See What Others Are Saying About the Book


Dr. Christy H.

North Carolina


Angelina G.



Brent G.


About the Author: Lorena Germán

Lorena Germán is a Dominican American educator with numerous national awards in education for her dedication to humanizing pedagogy and antiracist instruction. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Rethinking Schools Magazine, Learning for Justice Magazine, Edweek, and others. She’s been on NPR, PBS, and more. Lorena is a co-founder of #DisruptTexts and Multicultural Classroom, as well as Chair of NCTE’s Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English. As a mother and educator living in Florida, she understands the urgency of this work and keeps pushing even when she’s afraid. She does it for her three children and yours.