Supporting schools and  organizations with anti bias and antiracist strategies

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Some of the places where we've presented before or been featured:

Some of the places where we’ve presented before or been featured:

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What We Do

At Multicultural Classroom, we work with students, teachers, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations/companies. We help participants understand the intersection of race, bias, education, and society. In our work, we want to reach as many as possible to see their impact and maximize their work toward social justice. We offer half-day training, panel sessions, keynotes, staff development, and more.

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Our Workbook 

The Anti Racist Teacher Reading Instruction Workbook

Implementing an anti racist approach can be a struggle.

We might know what that term means, but Lorena has found that not many of us know what that looks like in practice. So, she got to work and created a workbook for all of us. In this book, you’ll find hands-on strategies couched in love and justice.

Lorena walks us through some theoretical and research-based frameworks to develop anti racist reading instruction practices.


What strategies implement an anti racist stance?

What does it mean to be a reading teacher or teach young people how to read/analyze/comprehend in an anti racist way?

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The Co-Founders

Lorena Germán

Lorena is an immigrant from Dominican Republic and raised in the U.S. She attended public schooling from first grade through high school. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Communication from Emmanuel College and her Master of Arts in English from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. She is an advocate for the practice of a culturally sustaining pedagogical approach in education. Lorena has been in the field of education, working in various settings, since 2001.

More About Lorena

Roberto Germán

Roberto Germán is a Dominican-American native of Lawrence, Massachusetts. He is a product of Lawrence Public Schools, Central Catholic High School and the Boys and Girls Club in Lawrence. He served as Assistant Principal at the Guilmette Middle School in Lawrence, MA. Then he went on to support the opening of Magnolia Montessori For All, Austin’s First Public Montessori School, serving as Director of Student Affairs and Services. Roberto's next challenge was serving as the Director of Middle School at Headwaters School in Austin, TX.

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Meet the Rest of Our Team

Our Team

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What People Are Saying About...

Our Workbook

"Every ELA teacher in the country (but especially white ones) needs to have your book. I love the way you have brought the voices of many others in Django, Toni Morrison, Tema Okum, and especially Claudia Rankine along with your own so that the book is really a chorus. Thank you, dearest Lorena, for this wonderful gift."

-Andrea Lunsford, California

Our Presentations

"How on earth do I unpack Lorena German's awesomeness?! I loved how she pinpointed some of the triggers our students may be having from current events and gave specific SEL strategies to help them self-manage their valid feelings about them."

Our Courses

"This was inspiring! I truly appreciate how she gave specific examples of how to implement the SEL wheel competencies to support ways race may show up in the classroom. The twelve traits of white supremacy culture definitely bring up feelings and self-reflection. I hope she offers more PD's to expand upon these ideas."

Our Speaking

“Lorena and Roberto Germán are one of the most dynamic speakers of the 21st century by weaving art, history, and culture into a call of action. Their keynote at the Montessori for Social Justice Conference was everything. I have only wanted to listen to one other keynote speaker and that was Bryan Stevenson. But once this dynamic and loving duo started, I was glued to my seat. Their powerful message urged each of us to find our joy as a means of resistance and radical healing.”

- Britt Hawthorne, Anti-Racist Anti-Bias Guide

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