Episode 2 | The Rural Schools Experience w/ Dan Cummings

Today’s episode features Dan Cummings. In this conversation, Roberto and Dan chop it up about the experience of leading a rural school, the common thread of poverty experienced in many rural and urban schools, and what justice work looks like in this setting.

Dan is a career educator who has taught in a variety of educational settings, from Alternative High Schools to College Prep Schools, parochial to public. He is in his 23rd year as an educator and 8th year as a principal. Degrees from Colorado State University and Middlebury College, he is an avid practitioner of the martial arts and an amateur photographer. He and his wife just celebrated twenty years of marriage and spent the last 6 months building a small, off-grid cabin in the middle of nowhere Colorado.


Guest: Dan Cummings

Host: Roberto Germán

Editor: Jabi Marketing (Javier Roche)

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