Episode 3 | Black & Brown Founders / CHROMA 2021 Event w/ Deldelp Media

Today’s episode features Deldelp Medina of Black and Brown Founders. Deldep has 10 plus years experience in Diversity and Inclusion, Design Thinking, Product Market Fit, Lean Startup, scaling and investment strategy. She brings her cross-cultural expertise engage in meeting the demographic shift. She does this by identifying, pitching, structuring, relationship building, negotiating and creating close strategic partnerships. Deldep was also listed as one of the 6 Latina Founders to Watch in TechCrunch. Deldelp joined to discuss the Chroma 2021 event taking place October 14th-16th.

Guest: Deldelp Medina
Host: Roberto Germán
Editor: Jabi Marketing (Javier Roche)