Episode 7 | El's Mirror w/ Ellison & Bavu Blakes

Today’s episode features Ellison & Bavu Blakes discussing their self-published book El’s Mirror. El’s Mirror is an upper elementary picture book and a reflective tool for families, parents, mentors, leaders, and educators of children. Ellison Blakes is a scientist, pianist, researcher, athlete and baller, video game lover & designer, sports analyst, and author. After Mama’s prediction (with a wink) came true, Dad started helping him create El’s Mirror. Ellison is a 5th grader who still goes to the school up the street from the big house full of books and art on the West side of the South. Bavu Blakes is a Scholar Emcee deliberately walking through the intersection of Hip Hop, education, and spirituality. His research goals center the various ways that the Hip Hop generation leverages its resources for today's generation. Blakes is a national educational consultant as well as a celebrated songwriter whose studio collaborators include Grammy winners Adrian Quesada, Symbolyc One, Gary Clark, Jr., and several more. El’s Mirror can be purchased at the Hip Hop Grew Up website.