Episode 8 | Ava's Caribbean ABC w/ Dr. Lois Marshall Barker & Ava Barker

Dr. Lois Marshall Barker & Ava Barker discuss their picture book Ava’s Caribbean ABC. They express the importance of cultural affirmation.

Dr. Lois Marshall Barker is a Grenadian native and creative currently living in Houston, Texas. She has over 14 years of experience in education. Dr. Barker has served as a high school ELA teacher, instructional coach and now a curriculum developer. She works closely with educators to revamp curriculum and structures to ensure all students are seen and have an opportunity to be successful as defined by them.

Ava is a 12 year old creative and native Texan proud of Grenadian heritage. She is president of her school’s Theatre Club and landing roles in productions of Junie B. Jones and The Super Non-Heroes . Ava is an avid reader of graphic novels and historical fiction. At school, Ava is very passionate about having access to books that reflect all stories including hers. She is also very vocal about teaching history beyond the eyes of the settlers making sure all perspectives and truths are told.