Episode 10 | Colorism in the Latina/o/e Community

A couple months ago, Roberto was asked participate on a virtual panel regarding colorism in the Latina/o/e Community. The event was organized by AP for All NYC and hosted by Marisol Manríquez and Dr. Akua Kisiwaa-Adefope. In addition to Roberto, it featured Dr. Gloria Rosario-Wallacef, Rosa Bell and Dr. Soribel Genao.

The panelists were asked to consider the following questions:

1. What does colorism mean to you? What does anti-blackness mean to you? How are they the same/or different? How does it show up in your life?  

2. How does racism and discrimination toward Afro & Indigenous-Latin/o/a/e/s differ in Latin America and the United States? What have been your experiences? 

3. How do you see your role in working towards social and racial justice within the Latin/o/a/e community? What is your ask from White Latin/o/a/e co-conspirators? 

4. Explain the origin and contexts of colorism in the Latin/o/a/e community. How would you describe the level of awareness of colorism within the Latin/o/a/e community? 

5. What resources can educators use to educate themselves and guide them in supporting student experiences in the classroom? In what initiatives are you currently involved regarding this topic? 

Much to absorb in this episode. Welcome to Our Classroom!


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