Episode 11 | Yefferson, Actually / En Realidad, Es Yefferson with Author Katherine Trejo

Say my name, say my name! Yes, a throwback Destiny’s Child reference but it works in this case. Katherine Trejo is today’s guest and we are discussing her book Yefferson, Actually / En Realidad, Yefferson.

Katherine Trejo is a first-generation Salvadoran-American college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in politics and Latin American/Latino studies from UC Santa Cruz. She lives in Historic Filipinotown with her Boston Terrier Lily, mom, brother, cousins, aunts, grandma, niece, and nephew in the same apartment complex where she was raised. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching cartoons. She co-authored Yefferson, Actually/En Realidad Es Yefferson with Mr. Scott Martin-Rowe, one of her most influential and favorite teachers in high school.

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