Episode 16 | Advocacy & Affirmation in Predominantly White Spaces w/ Alexis & Chanté (Let's Talk Sis)

After a brief hiatus, it felt great to be back in conversation with amazing people! Tonight in Our Classroom Roberto was joined by Alexis and Chanté @letstalk_sis. They discussed Advocacy & Affirmation in Predominantly White Spaces including:

- The top two or three most difficult topics that they find themselves addressing
-The Utah Parent Opt-Out Law and what race-related advocacy looks like in Utah
-Affirming the identities of their children and how are they support them in their own advocacy?

Alexis and Chanté @letstalk_sis have created an Instagram platform where they seek to bring awareness to difficult topics – specifically race, diversity, and inclusion – to promote dialogue and initiate positive change. They are committed to making change through connection and humanity one conversation at a time.
Both Alexis, whose background is in sociology, and Chanté whose background is in psychology, have spent the past 20 years advocating for youth in a variety of platforms including inclusion and diversity, education, empowerment, safety, leadership, career development, and self-esteem as well as working diligently to make schools and communities safer.
Alexis and Chanté have been keynote speakers/presenters/panelists at national and international conferences and served on the Board of international organizations. They have emceed events such as TEDX SLC, spoken and presented at colleges and state educational organizations, at city town meeting halls, and to mayors and law enforcement. They have written magazine articles, study guides, and sections of published books. They have done consulting and training for businesses and worldwide organizations and they created their own Let’s Talk Sis workshop!

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