Episode 33 | Reflections of a First Year School Principal w/ Terra Lynch

This week's guest was Terra Lynch, Director of Middle School at Headwaters School in Austin, Texas. 

We discussed the following:

  • Director of Middle School role
  • Triumphs & trials in the first year
  • Expectations for year 2
  • ABAR efforts

Welcome to Our Classroom!

Terra Lynch spent a decade teaching Humanities at University Neighborhood High School in New York City, and a decade as a consultant for the New York University Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools as an instructional coach. She has also lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt, and Washington, DC. 

In Austin, Terra led parent groups around dyslexia advocacy. She served as the Learning Specialist at Headwaters School for five years, collaborating with the middle and high school guides to meet the needs of the students, while also teaching Middle School Spanish. She is the author of the book Protocols in the Classroom: Tools to Help Students Read, Write, Think, and Collaborate.

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