Episode 34 | Students, Schools, People and Prisons w/ Stacy Seward

Welcome to Our Classroom! In this episode, Stacy Seward, Executive Director of The Dream Network in Lawrence Massachusetts, joins to discuss the school-to-prison pipeline and prison to community re-entry, including a healing-centered transformative model along with financial literacy and economic power.

Focal points:

  • Origins of The Dream Network
  • Wish teachers would have known or cared to know
  • School-to-prison pipeline
  • The impact of financial literacy and economic power

Stacy Seward holds a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and Counseling from UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine.  She has earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Counselor Education and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Applied Social and Community Psychology.  Stacy is a mediator and certified diversity professional (CDP) whose practice centers around the social and psychological dimensions of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI).   Stacy has provided equity centered technical assistance for Department of Justice grantees in programs across the nation and provides reentry guidance to organizations across the Commonwealth.  Finally, Stacy is the Executive Director of The Dream Network in Lawrence Massachusetts.  Her role is to use asset-based ideologies to impact racial, social, economic, educational, and environmental justice for those impacted by the carceral system. 



The Dream Network

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