Episode 46 | Taco Literacy w/ Steven Alvarez

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, author and professor Steven Alvarez joins to discuss Taco Literacy.

Classroom Notes:

  •  Breakdown of Taco Literacy
  •  Relationship between politics, immigration policies, and the rise of  taco culture 
  •  Looking for what’s there rather looking for what’s “authentic”

Steven Alvarez is an Associate Professor of English at St. John’s University. He specializes in literacy studies and bilingual education with a focus on Mexican immigrant communities. Dr. Alvarez teaches courses ranging from autobiographical writing, ethnographic methods, creative writing, and “taco literacy,” a course exploring the foodways of Mexican immigrants in the United States. Dr. Alvarez is the author of Brokering Tareas: Mexican Immigrant Families Translanguaging Homework Literacies (State University of New York Press) and Community Literacies en Confianza: Learning from Bilingual After-School Programs (National Council of Teachers of English). Dr. Alvarez is also the author of three books of poetry. His book The Codex Mojaodicus was the winner of the 2016 Fence Modern Poets Prize.

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