Episode 47 | Collaborating to Learn w/ Dr. Towanda Harris

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, Dr. Towanda Harris, author of The Right Tools: A Guide for Selecting, Evaluating and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices, joins me to discuss the idea of Collaborating to Learn.

Classroom Notes

  • Collaborative planning to support teachers with improving student performance
  • Leveraging ELL, special education, and gifted teachers as resources to provide additional support in the classroom
  • 3 immediate action steps a school leader can take to start creating a culture of collaboration

Welcome to Our Classroom!

Dr. Towanda Harris has been a teacher, staff developer, literacy content specialist, instructional leadership coordinator, and instructional coach. Currently an adjunct professor of reading and writing at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, she brings over twenty years of experience to the education world. Towanda is the author of The Right Tools: A Guide to Selecting, Evaluating, and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices. Educators rely on her wisdom about finding resources that meet their teaching goals and match their understanding of their students’ needs. Dr. Harris’ workshops have been featured at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference, National Reading Recovery Conference, Indiana State Reading Conference, and National Council of Teachers of English. Teachers turn to her to learn how to employ those resources, blend them with best practices, and help all students reach their full potential.

Her passion for elevating teachers’ voices through her podcast, “My Two Cents,” provides a space for a community of educators to share their personal stories with each other. In addition, Towanda is a board member of Elevate Atlanta, a member of The Educator Collaborative, and an advisor for the #G2Great Twitter chat.


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