Episode 52 | Liberatory Coaching w/ Lauren Vargas & Rashaida Melvin

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, Lauren Vargas and Rashaida Melvin, introduce the framework of Liberatory Coaching.

Classroom Notes

1. Definition of Liberatory Coaching

2. 6 Liberatory Practices

3. Coaching for Relationships, Not Compliance

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Lauren Vargas is an educator whose work focuses on coaching, leadership, and systems that promote the liberation and thriving of all students.  She is the Director of Instructional Leadership at a neighborhood high school in the School District of Philadelphia, as well as a consultant, artist and mom. She writes the blog Coaching to Disrupt the Status Quo which provides coaching resources, ideas and stories to equip coaches and leaders in their work of disrupting the status quo of schooling so all students can thrive. Check out her blog, and artwork, at lauren-vargas.com.

Rashaida Melvin is an educational leader and entrepreneur who focuses on creating tools, curriculum, and systems for coaching on the topics of leadership, strategy, and program implementation rooted in equitable practices. She currently serves as the National Program Director at BUILD.org, an education entrepreneurship organization. Rashaida has experience as a school leader, instructional coach, and teacher in both urban and rural communities. 

Together, Rashaida and Lauren have coached hundreds of teachers, coaches and leaders from all across the country, as well as co-lead a team of over fifty virtual instructional coaches through the Covid-19 pandemic.  They have written articles, an instructional framework, and are currently drafting their book Liberatory Coaching: Disrupting the Status Quo of School to Promote Thriving for All and are looking for the best publisher home for their work.  


 LinkedIn: @Lauren Vargas / lauren-vargas.com, @Rashaida Melvin

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