Episode 56 | Transgressive Humor w/ David Low

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, David Low joins to discuss Transgressive Humor in Classrooms.


Classroom Notes

1. Transgressive humor as a critical literacy practice 


2. Examples of how teachers can support students in using humor as ways to address critical topics


3. Comedians that use humor well to address critical topics


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David E. Low (he/him; @DLow_Literacy) is an Associate Professor of Literacy Education at California State University, Fresno. His research examines how children and youth critically theorize race, gender, power, and identity using multimodal literacy practices. In particular, David explores students' use of humor and the comics medium as vehicles to critique dominant discourses and rewrite them. If there is a single through-line to David’s work, it is a deep and abiding interest in liminality and change, and what happens within the in-between spaces of radical possibility.



Twitter - @DLow_Literacy

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