Episode 63 | Emotional Dysregulation w/ Kareem Farah

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom Kareem Farah of the Modern Classrooms Project joins me to discuss Emotional Dysregulation.

Classroom Notes

  • What is emotional dysregulation?
  • How can we effectively support students that experience emotional dysregulation?
  • How is the Modern Classroom Project different from other blended learning models?

Kareem Farah spent his teaching career as a high school math educator in Hawaii and Washington, DC. He earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and later received a master’s degree in secondary education at Johns Hopkins University. Instead of using a traditional lecture model, Kareem taught mathematics through a blended model where students accessed content through his self-made videos. The cornerstone of his classroom was the ability for students to work through the content at their own pace and Kareem’s ability to employ mastery-based grading to evaluate student learning. In 2018, Kareem received the DC Public Schools Award for Classroom Innovation and was featured in Edutopia and CBS News for his work. 

In an effort to scale his classroom model, Kareem co-founded a nonprofit, Modern Classrooms Project. As the CEO of the Modern Classrooms Project, Kareem and his team train and support teachers who seek to redesign their classrooms around blended, self-paced, mastery-based learning to better meet all students’ unique needs. 

Kareem tweets regularly about education at @KareemFarah23.

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