Episode 70 | From Bullying to Empowerment w/ St. Clair Detrick-Jules & Analíz German

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom we are joined by St. Clair Detrick-Jules, author of My Hair is Like the Sun. We unpack the inspiration behind the title of the book and how St. Clair's Afro-Caribbean background shaped her perspective on Black hair and its connection to the beauty of nature. We also delve into St. Clair's journey in advocacy work, particularly in immigrant justice and Black liberation, and how storytelling plays a crucial role in humanizing marginalized communities.

Co-host Analiz Germán, making her debut as a co-host, asks insightful questions about the book, the selection process for the featured children, and what St. Clair loves most about her own book.

So, join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore the power of representation, self-love, and the joy that emanates from embracing our unique hair and heritage.

Welcome to Our Classroom!