Episode 73 | Unpacking and Healing w/ Tiffany Rose

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, Roberto is joined by Tiffany Rose, the author of the powerful book ‘Pack Light.’ This episode journeys through Tiffany's biracial experiences, her battles with marginalization and identity, and the resilience she's found through storytelling.

Tiffany's literary work is a raw and authentic exploration of heavy topics that are masterfully unpacked, allowing us, the readers, to find ourselves in a lighter place. Her book, inspired by song lyrics and packed with poems, prose, and untold stories, is a testament to her strength, character and the invaluable role her mother and grandmother played in shaping her identity. Tiffany Rose's motivation and courage to share her abuse experience through her writing is bold and inspiring.

Throughout this interview, Tiffany and Roberto delve deep into discussing the challenges of writing about personal experiences, and how confronting their painful pasts fosters creativity and authentic self-expression.

Listen as Tiffany reads an emotionally charged poem from her book, and reflects upon her close connection to the legendary Josephine Baker. Don't miss her insights on dismantling shame, finding beauty in connection with our younger selves, and utilizing the power of narratives as tools for healing and transformation.

Tiffany rose is a storyteller, mother, and radical imaginer. She loves elephants and ‘90s reruns and believes the key to life is to trust yourself, find your people, and believe in magic. And that justice, snacks, and falling in love with as many things as possible are of equal importance. 

She’s online at rosewithwords.com or on the apps @rosewithwords (but she’s really only ever on Instagram). You can also find her in a library sniffing books or taking long walks under trees near water.

Join us on this enlightening journey, celebrating the power of storytelling and embracing all aspects of our identities. Let's learn, grow, and heal together in Our Classroom.