Episode 74 | About Bruce’s Beach: Restorative Justice Through Reparations w/ George C. Fatheree III & Sergio C. Muñoz

Season #2

In today's show, we're diving deep into a painful piece of California history and the remarkable story of triumph that's emerged a century later. Our special guest is none other than George  C. Fatheree III, a Harvard-educated attorney, Fintech Founder, and social impact entrepreneur who played a crucial role in correcting an age-old wrong against the Bruce family of Manhattan Beach.

In the 1920s, Willa and Charles Bruce, a visionary black couple, had their beachfront property unceremoniously stripped from them through the dubious use of eminent domain. Their successful business was uprooted not because of development but because of their race, leading to a near wipeout of the Black community in this area. This isn't just a story of loss though—it's one of resilience, courage, and the power of community advocacy.

Join Roberto and guest co-host Sergio C. Muñoz, a Mexican Banker and Founder of Intelatin, as George takes us through the emotional journey, the legal battles, and the moral victories associated with the return of Bruce's Beach. We also explore the broader implications of this case for Black America, reflecting on the significance of narrative busting and the work still to be done to address racial wealth gaps and systemic racism.

Stay with us as we unpack the threads of this deeply human story, and perhaps, find your role in making a change. Welcome to Our Classroom!