Episode 76 | Literacy for All w/ Shawna Coppola

Season #2

In this thought-provoking conversation, we are joined by the remarkable Shawna Coppola, the author of "Literacy for All: A Framework for Anti-Oppressive Teaching". Shawna is a seasoned expert in the field of child and adolescent literacy, ready to challenge our conventional understanding of literacy practices. Shawna will take us on a journey beyond the confining norms of the current literacy discourse, which is too often limited to white mainstream perspectives, to uncover the vast dimensions of literacy that include non-written texts and are deeply influenced by social and cultural contexts.

As our discussion unfolds, Shawna will shed light on the perils of overlooking the diversity of language and literacy practices—emphasizing how standardized tests like Dibbles can inequitably impact students who speak in dialects such as Black English. We'll delve into the necessity of implementing anti-oppressive literacy frameworks that truly reflect the varying student populations within our schools.

Join us as we explore with Shawna the powerful intersection of literacy and identity, sharing personal anecdotes and illuminating the real-life repercussions of data that doesn't capture the intricacies of our students' skills and experiences. Plus, we'll hear Shawna's own educational journey and the ongoing learning that shapes her work, along with an invitation to connect and learn more about her new book, "Literacy for All."

You’re in for a session full of insight, so prepare to be inspired and challenged as we discuss how to move towards a more inclusive, supportive, and comprehensive literacy education. Grab your notebooks, listeners, it's time to turn the page to a new chapter in egalitarian education. Welcome to Our Classroom!


Shawna Coppola, M. Ed. Reading, is an expert in child and adolescent literacy, including practices that support a diverse range of writing and writers.

An educator for over twenty years, Shawna has worked as a middle school language arts teacher, a children’s librarian, and a K-6 literacy specialist/coach. In addition to working with students, Shawna has led courses and workshops for K-12 educators through the University of New Hampshire’s NH Literacy Institutes as well as their Professional Development and Training program and has spoken at a variety of local, regional, and national conferences.