Episode 77 | Nourishing Caregiver Collaborations w/ Nawal Qarooni

Season #2

In this episode titled "Nourishing Caregiver Collaborations", we tackle the discomfort that might arise when engaging with people of different languages, and Nawal emphasizes the critical need to dispel biases that might hinder the open channels of communication between families and educators.

Together, we'll explore strategies to bridge the divisive gap between a child's home and the classroom environment. Are you a new teacher struggling to navigate unfamiliar cultural terrains? Or perhaps you're a parent trying to overcome a negative schooling experience? Today’s dialogue is dedicated to you.

Nawal will guide us through the challenges of forging genuine caregiver collaborations. She redefines engagement not as a one-off transaction but as a continuous collaborative journey. We'll delve into how caregivers can weave love and inquiry into their child’s everyday learning and the importance of co-troubleshooting alongside them.

And Nawal isn’t just helping us verbalize these connections; she's provided a blueprint in her book "Nourishing Caregiver Collaborations: Elevating Home Experiences and Classroom Practices for Collective Care." It's a profound call to action for anyone invested in a child’s success, both in and out of the classroom.

So, grab your notebook and a coffee, and settle in for a heartening conversation that might just redefine the way you think about communication, collaboration, and the beautiful imperfection inherent in educating our young learners.


Nawal Qarooni is a Jersey-City based educator and writer who supports a holistic approach to literacy instruction education spaces across the country. Drawing on her work as an inquiry-based leader and as a mother, Nawal’s pedagogy is centered in the rich and authentic learning all families gift their children every day. She is the author of Nourishing Caregiver Collaborations: Elevating Home Experiences and Classroom Practices for Collective Care, available now. She also serves on the Library of Congress Literacy Awards Advisory Board, which funds powerful literacy programming in the world. You can learn more about her work at NQCLiteracy.org and follow her on Instagram at @nqarooni or on X at @NQCliteracy.