Episode 80 | Social Emotional Learning Inspired by Hip Hop w/ David Spellmon

Season #2

In this episode, our host Roberto is joined by David Spellmon Jr., a behavior specialist who is making an impact in Charlotte, North Carolina by incorporating Hip Hop Pedagogy to promote social and emotional learning. David is the author of "Just Like Music: Social Emotional Learning Inspired by Hip Hop," and in this conversation, he shares the importance of affirmations, the integration of Hip Hop and social emotional learning, and the impact of his book's lesson plans on students and educators. From exploring the connections between Hip Hop and SEL to discussing the potential benefits of such integration, this insightful conversation provides a fresh perspective on education and student engagement. So, grab your notepads and get ready to be inspired by the powerful influence of Hip Hop on social and emotional learning in Our Classroom.


IG - @mrjappi

Website - David Spellmon Jr.