Episode 83 | Enhancing Learning through Art and Poems w/ Anna J. Small Roseboro

Season #2

In this episode, Anna J. Small Roseboro shares her fascinating work, "Experience, Poems and Pictures: Poetry that Paints, Pictures that Speak," that has captured international acclaim for its innovative blend of poetry, artwork, and insightful prompts. This book is not just a collection; it's a powerful tool for classroom engagement, inviting students to explore, reflect, and create.

We'll uncover the importance of acknowledging the medium and size of artworks in educational settings, and how this respect for the creative process builds a foundation for meaningful collaboration. Anna emphasizes how technology can enhance these collaborative efforts, allowing students to work together seamlessly and learn from diverse perspectives.

We'll take a journey through Anna's experiences as she discusses the inspiration behind her writing, including anchor texts and personal narratives. She'll share classroom activities that save teachers time while providing students with autonomy and the joy of choice.

"Enhancing Learning through Art and Poems" takes a closer look at the intersection of education, poetry, and visual arts, revealing how this combination can address various learning objectives across different subjects. Anna's Christian perspective shines through, advocating for inclusivity and expressing personal beliefs within a supportive learning environment.

Join us in "Our Classroom" as we explore the depth and richness of learning through the eyes of a poet, educator, and visionary. Let's inspire and be inspired, together.


Anna J. Small Roseboro, a wife, mother, and a National Board-Certified Teacher, has over four decades of experience in public, and private schools and colleges, mentoring early career educators, and facilitating leadership institutes, in five states. She has served as director of summer programs and chair of her English department, published eight textbooks based on these experiences, and was awarded Distinguished Service Awards by the California Association of Teachers of English and the National Council of Teachers of English. Her poetry appears in several issues of FINE LINES: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose (2015-2023); was in her own publication EXPERIENCE POEMS AND PICTURES: Poetry that Paints/Pictures that Speak (2019). Her new textbook PLANNING WITH PURPOSE: A Handbook for New College Teachers published by Rowman and Littlefield (2021) and EMPOWERING LEARNERS: Teaching Different Genres to Diverse Student Bodies is due out this Fall. She is also working with a team of OPEN WRITE members to publish a textbook for using poetry writing as an assessment tool in content areas across the curricula.


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