Episode 90 | A Lesson on the N-Word w/ Lorena Germán

Season #2

Today’s episode ventures into a highly sensitive and challenging discussion. Roberto and Lorena Germán tackle the complex and controversial topic surrounding the N-word, particularly within an educational framework.

The conversation orbits around the indispensable role teachers play in addressing this term when it surfaces in literature, such as in the classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" or other significant works. Amidst the intricate balance of promoting respect and understanding in a classroom setting, they delve into the implications of love, respect, and academic seriousness while approaching such heavy conversations.

Throughout the episode, Lorena imparts the significance of groundwork and context when broaching the N-word, unpacking the etymology and societal connotations that come with it. Roberto emphasizes the necessity of incorporating a multitude of perspectives and voices to enrich the narrative, highlighting the responsibility educators carry regardless of the demographics they teach.

They also address the critical aspect of student engagement and the power of individual reflection. As they navigate the dissonance between intention and impact, and the casual vs. harmful use of the N-word in today's society, the Germáns invite educators and listeners alike to ponder, learn, and grow alongside their students through these hard, yet crucial, conversations.

Tune in for an honest, deep, and necessary lesson on one of the most complex lexicons in American history, right here in Our Classroom.

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