Episode 91 | Teaching Socio-Political Context w/ Lorena Germán

Season #2

In today's episode, we grapple with the intricate subject of Teaching Socio-Political Context in education. Lorena helps unravel the significance of incorporating the socio-political backdrop into learning and how it enriches the understanding of texts and concepts within the classroom.

We'll explore why it's essential to go beyond the author's bio and publication dates to truly comprehend a book's impact in different times and settings. Lorena will shed light on how teaching socio-political context is not just an academic exercise, but a crucial tool for deep learning that fosters critical thinking, social awareness, and emotional intelligence within students.

Additionally, we touch upon why the work of teaching socio-political context doesn't have to mean promoting partisanship or political ideologies, but instead, it's about equipping young minds with the understanding of human conditions and societal structures. And, as always, we'll be supplying you with valuable resources to deepen your understanding and practice of these concepts in the classroom.


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