Episode 96 | Inspiring Change w/ Traci Huahn

Season #2

Today we're honored to have Traci Huahn join us. Traci, a former attorney and daughter of Chinese immigrants, has recently transitioned into the world of children's literature with her debut picture book, Mamie Tape Fights to go to School. This captivating story, based on true events, delves into the fight against racial discrimination and school segregation, rooted deeply in Asian American culture and history.

In this episode, we explore Traci's journey from law to literature, the meticulous research behind her book, and the significant message of incremental progress in the fight for equality. We discuss the challenges of tackling serious topics in children's literature, especially amidst today's climate of book bans. We also examine how her book can be a valuable resource in educational settings to prompt critical discussions about race, immigration, and the power of young changemakers.

Stay tuned to hear about Traci's fascinating research process, her personal connection to Mamie Tape's story, and her hopes for inspiring future generations with her work.


IG/Twitter @tracihuahn