Episode 99 | Addressing Teacher Burnout w/ Dr. Roger A. Gerard

Season #2

In this episode, Dr. Roger A. Gerard sheds light on the concept of "commodification," where educators are treated as replaceable units constrained by standardization and systemization. We discuss how this approach strips teachers of their joy, creativity, and sense of purpose, leading to significant burnout and high turnover rates. You'll hear poignant anecdotes from both educators and healthcare professionals who share their struggles with feeling like mere cogs in a machine.

Dr. Gerard also emphasizes the critical role of leadership, advocating for leaders to be present in the classroom, support teachers, and engage with the school community. He introduces us to his forthcoming book, "Lead with Purpose," and outlines five essential promises every leader should make to their team.

Together, we explore the balance between autonomy and accountability, the impact of technology in the classroom, and the importance of maintaining a student-centered focus in education. Tune in as we aim to shift the educational landscape away from treating professionals like commodities and towards fostering a community of respect, engagement, and purpose. Welcome to Our Classroom!