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A Framework for Culturally Sustaining Practices

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“Lorena Escoto Germán walks us through a framework that is realistic, wholistic, liberating, and necessary!  Textured Teaching® is THE book every teacher should read. Not only does the book guide us into meeting our students where they are and learning who they are, it also helps us [the educators] to grow and become the teachers we are meant to be. Centering education in love, community, justice, truth, and knowledge, Germán pushes us to go beyond ourselves and to be present and to open our hearts to the possibilities of justice centered learning.”

--Tiffany Jewell, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, This Book Is Anti-Racist

“Textured Teaching® is a combination of affirmation, culturally relevant practices, culturally sustaining teaching, and liberating pedagogies. It is love. It is truth-telling. It is nuanced. It is hopeful. It is necessary in its stance and commitment to dismantle harmful schooling practices through pedagogical restoration, equity, and justice. In fact, it is Lorena Escoto Germán’s commitment to anti-oppressive and anti-racist teaching which is felt on every single page of this book, that should encourage us to reimagine teaching as a Project in Humanization that positions teachers as learning partners alongside students. What a beautiful text. What a layered teaching framework. What a textured book. Read it and be left inspired!"

--Valerie Kinloch, Renée and Richard Goldman Dean & Professor, School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.

"As this country becomes more divided, this book helps educators step into the liberation work with both feet. Germán has written the teaching book that will hopefully push teachers and their classrooms to more justice-centered practices and orientations."

--José Luis Vilson, Executive Director of #Educolor, NYC math educator, and author of This Is Not a Test

Textured Teaching® Resources 

Feel free to download the PDFs below. These resources can be printed out to use in your classroom or teaching setting. You can click the button below to download all the PDFs as a zip file or pick and choose your downloads. 

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Unit Plan Template (8.5x11)
Unit Plan Template (11x17)
Ghost Characterization Analysis Processing Sheet (8.5x11)
Ghost Characterization Analysis Processing Sheet (11x17)
Puerto Rico Strong Literary Analysis Processing Sheet (8.5x11)
Puerto Rico Strong Literary Analysis Processing Sheet (11x17)
The Poet X Language Analysis Processing Sheet (8.5x11)
The Poet X Language Analysis Processing Sheet (11x17)

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