Episode 48 | Working Together for Equitable Schools w/ Tina Starks

Season #2

In this episode of Our Classroom, Tina Starks, an educational designer for Student Achievement Partners, joins me to discuss Working Together for Equitable Schools.


Classroom Notes


1. The true problem in our educational system

2. Three action steps we can take to transmute our pain into purpose

3. Powerful Frederick Douglas quotes


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An educational designer for Student Achievement Partners, Tina Starks brings 18 years of experience as an educator to create resources and develop professional learning opportunities centered around liberating and humanizing learning experiences for students. Tina’s work is rooted in the belief that historically and systemically marginalized students deserve to have their intellect nurtured, their layered identities valued, and their learning linked to the ways they navigate the world. Her writing has been featured in various publications including Rethinking Schools, Citizen Ed,  and Ed Post,



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