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Beautiful Blackness

arts & literacy black history month blackness poetry video Feb 25, 2018

In honor of Black History Month, Roberto performed a poem entitled “Beautiful Blackness” and blew us all away! The words are below and a viewer’s recording included here, also.


Sweet juice drips from the BLACKberry on full lips

Adding to our fullness

And it’s just so BEAUTIFUL


BLACK excellence on screen in 2018

Love what we’re seeing

Cause it looks so BEAUTIFUL


Finally getting shine at the Grammys

It was long overdue and we’re moved

Cause the music is BEAUTIFUL


If we don’t say it who will?

Let’s keep it real, we got a history that they don’t teach the children



Round nose, dark tone, BEAUTIFUL

Hair on fleek, all-natural

Girl, that’s BEAUTIFUL


Me, I got locs and they’re BEAUTIFUL

Shorty got a fade

And the wave game flow so BEAUTIFUL


African names like Okpara, Naima, Olamide

You know what I’mma say



BLACK Heritage Celebration

The embracing of BLACK achievement

Throughout generations


4 flowers from a little BLACK boy that sees a BLACK man

And thinks to himself

United we stand


Salute the former First Lady (Michelle Obama)

When they go low, we go high

The soul of BLACK folks, it don’t die


Like Maya Angelou, Still I Rise


Her words left a legacy like she’s still alive


I’m BLACK and beautiful and still alive (yea)

I’m BLACK and beautiful and still alive (yea)

I’m BLACK and beautiful and still alive (yea)

BLACK is beautiful and so alive


Watch him perform this live, here: 


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