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Multilingual Speakers in the U.S.

bilingual ed ell Nov 28, 2015

Our Beliefs

We believe that bilingual education is a civil right.

We believe that students of color learning a second language in public schools are currently under attack through intense high stakes standardized testing that goes against research indications of productive educational practices. 

We believe that these multilingual speakers are meaningful and valuable. They should be respected and seen through an asset-based lens. 

We believe that while there are many theories and approaches that exist on best practices with students of color learning a second language, we do not condone them all and (in brief) always favor ones that:

1. Encourage a perspective of students as possessors of knowledge through a culturally sustaining pedagogical approach

2. Celebrate, affirm, and sustain bilingualism & students’ mother tongues.

3. Proceed in an overall humanizing manner, treating students and their families with respect and dignity.

These beliefs guide us in our work with educators and students themselves. Join us in practicing culturally sustaining work.

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