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A male teacher with glasses, sitting at a desk with a book in front of him. He's intently reading and seemingly thinking and reflecting.

When Teachers Reflect...

curriculum education literacy reflection teachers texturedteaching Jun 20, 2024

You know what's an important thing we need time for in schools? There are so many answers to that question, but the one we want to discuss here is TIME FOR REFLECTION. When teachers can reflect, so many problems are solved and so much gets better. 

In this case, fellow educator Brent Gilson has created his own framework pulling from Textured Teaching as well as Dr. Gholdy Muhammad's work. It's powerful to see how educators are merging the work that exists and applying the ideas to their own settings with their own students. This requires slowing down, applying ideas, and reflecting on that application. In other words, TIME TO REFLECT! 

I wonder what problems teachers would actually be able to solve if they had the time. I wonder what learning they would do and changes they could make if they had time. There is no surprise that burnout is one of the most common reasons listed for why teachers leave and/or feel as though they're failing. Lack of time (among other critical factors) are a major reason for this burnout. 

Gilson's creation, Lifting Literacy Framework, concisely synthesizes elements from each framework and melts it all together. The image below visualizes his ideas. Check it out! We're sharing his work because it's a vivid example of what teachers could produce when they have the resources and time to read, analyze, and reflect. 

He wrote in depth about his framework idea here in his latest blog. Please go read this short piece. We want you to think about how you've brought Textured Teaching into your own practice and then share with us! You can send it to hello at multicultural classroom dot com.

Keep doing the work and stay encouraged! 

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